Hi there,

I am Anika, and in my work I like to empower individuals by providing them with tools (and insights) to solve their problems, face their challenges and develop their ideas.

When I design, I use theoretical knowledge in an intuitive way to find innovative design opportunities. I translate research findings into practical applications (tools, services) and/or theoretical frameworks. Combining a scientific (theoretic, analytic) with an artistic (intuitive, holistic, hands-on) approach allows me to work on different levels of abstraction and concreteness; allowing me to meet complex challenges while keeping an eye on details.

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"My ambition is to design and develop tools that provide playful learning experiences in an educational context.”

A framework for design-based learning in primary education ...

that incorporates 21st century skills. I developed an educational framework that supports primary school teachers in creating DBL learning activities.

Based on this framework, I designed a web-based tool that teachers can use to map learning design decisions to a design process. This includes, 1) handling the openness of design activities, 2) linking design problems/challenges to a certain context (theme and learning environment), 3) connecting learning goals to learning activities, 4) selecting design methods related to design phases and 5) selecting collaboration forms.

In collaboration with the department of Industrial Design at the TU/E, Platoolab and Eduventure and subsidized by NRO.
Design Research, Creative programming (HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap), Concept development, Validation in context

Learning designers in primary education ...

are important to shape future education. Eduvation is a tool that supports primary school teachers in creating their own educational material; empowering them to become learning designers within the Dutch (primary) educational curriculum.

Eduvation helps primary school teachers in creating interdisciplinary learning activities, by providing structure and guidance. It uses a design-based learning approach to connect desired subject content, (obligated) learning goals and skills in an authentic context.

Design Research, Creative programming (HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap), Concept development, Validation in context

"How can we design for 21st Century skills, like problem solving, creative thinking and critical thinking?"

Exploring the value of self-created tangibles in storytelling ...

by supporting child-driven play. TangiTales is an interactive storytelling platform designed to support the child´s imagination and creativity. Throughout the story, children need to create and control their own tangibles while playing in a dynamic storyline. Self-creation of tangibles supports children as storytellers as well as story builders, allowing for child-driven play and enhancing creativity and creative thinking.

Design Research, Creative programming (Processing - Java), Concept development, Validation in context

"I love to provide open-ended, hands-on tools that people can use to imagine, create and engage in their own (playful) experience.”

Encouring self-expression and creativity through ...

stimulating imaginative and creative play. Storyworld lets children create their own playful experience, by giving them opportunities to design and add their own creations to an open-ended interactive environment. It provides children with the ability to bring their imagination to life through storytelling and role playing; encouraging them to use and stimulate their creativity.

Creative programming (Kinect, Processing - Java, HTML5, JavaScript, Java, Arduino - C++), Rapid Protoyping, Concept development

"Using movement and physical objects to explore the virtual landscape and interact with self-created creations."

An (un)conscious expression of sound and movement...

creates a dynamic, interactive audio-visual floor. Sounflow is a landscape that is created by the people, either consciously or unconsciously, and explored while walk across the floor. Evoking communication between people and stimulate them to collaborate; exploring and creating sound together.

Creative programming (Processing - Java, MaxMSP), Concept development

"I like to use the digital world to add an "magical" layer to experiences.”

An interactive 'painting' created through movements of visitors ...

either consciously or unconsciously involved. Sounds like play, looks like play, is a playful interactive installation that is a dynamic, interactive scenery of colors which could be influenced by the movement, speed and position of passers-by. The visitors are (subconsciously) making a dynamic ‘painting’, and in the process creating a performance for the lounging people in the surrounding area of the playground.

This installation was exhibited at STRP | 2011

In collaboration with Tijmen van Gurp, Marieke de Rooy, Tom van ‘t Westeinde, Max Verhoef and Alex Schepers.
Creative programming (Kinect, Processing - Java), Concept development, Validation in context

"Let's explore and create things together!”